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Here’s What Xiaomi’s Manu Kumar Jain Has to Say Redmi Note 7 is set to launch in India and based on the interest that we’ve witnessed coque huawei p9 refermable in the smartphone ever since it was unveiled in China last month, it looks like Xiaomi has another winner on its hands. The Chinese company has gone from an upstart to India’s leading smartphone brand in very little time, and with the Redmi Note 7 Xiaomi would hope to continue the winning streak. The company’s formula so far has been to offer competitive specs at a killer price that leaves little room for users to complain about. With that said, one of the complaints that we and many others have had about Xiaomi’s recent offerings is the ubiquitous nature of ads. If you’ve paid close attention to our reviews, you would’ve realised coque huawei y6 2018 motif that it seems that you can’t use a Xiaomi smartphone for too long coque iphone 5 6 7 8 plus x xs xr 11 pro max chelsea fc x4805 without bumping into ads. Feedback that we’ve received from Gadgets 360 readers echoes this observation and it’s no surprise that this guide coque huawei p20 manga on how to remove ads from MIUI is one of our most popular stories in recent times. Gadgets 360 Editor in Chief Kunal Dua got a chance to quiz Xiaomi India MD Manu Kumar Jain on a wide variety of subjects, and while we obviously asked Jain about the Redmi Note 7 India launch plans, we also discussed many other subjects. One of the things we touched upon was the prevalence of ads in MIUI, and we started off our discussion on the subject by asking Jain a tongue in cheek question if the company plans to offer an ”in app purchase” that would let people get rid of ads in MIUI without jumping through hoops. Here’s the full transcript of our chat on the subject, with minor edits for coque huawei p10 mate pro cuir clarity. Kunal Dua: One of our complaints and we hear this from the users also is ads on practically all your phones. coque huawei p10 liquide paillette Any plans to offer an ”in app purchase” where people can pay extra and not see those ads or something like that Manu Kumar Jain: First of all, thank you for asking this question. I’ve been wanting coque huawei p20 lite serie tv to talk more about this publicly, and I truly believe we’ve been misunderstood and misquoted on this particular topic. So I just hope I can take few minutes and clarify to you what we are we doing and what is the stance on this, right So, we have something called as Internet services. Now, what are these Internet services There are three kinds of internet services that we have. One kind of Internet service are services which are built within OS. Like when you get an SMS from Vodafone or HDFC Bank, you will never reply to them saying ”thank you HDFC Bank for sending a message and I have received your message”. So, we have removed that reply button and we have put buttons below where you can go and find nearby ATM, purchase an insurance plan from HDFC, or you can go to the HDFC site and do some transaction. There is some commercial arrangement between us and many of these service providers where if they get extra money, they pay a part of that money to us. KD: So, you do this only with select banks MKJ: We do with most of the banks, but we may coque huawei p30 lite pour fille not have commercial relationship with everybody. KD: But you will still show the buttons for everyone MKJ: Yes, for [Indian] Railways [for example], Railways doesn’t pay us money for checking PNR. But we have still made it very convenient. Whatever is the most logical step, like in case of Vodafone, you probably need to top up your plan if you are a prepaid customer. So, we have inserted that button. coque huawei p20 lite marque de voiture For Railways you would need to check your PNR status, right coque huawei p9 lite fluide These are all services which are integrated within the OS. Like if you swipe left to our App Vault, you coque huawei p10 lite bleu saphir coque custodia cover case fundas hoesjes iphone 11 pro max 5 6 6s 7 8 plus x xs xr se2020 pas cher p8730 bts bt21 doll fying with red plane can book an Ola Cab from there without having an Ola app which is of great convenience for value. If you have a picture, you can print that picture using Zoomin through app vault. Now, these are services which are built within OS, right Second is just the value added services that we have. These are things like Mi Video, Mi Music, Mi Drop, which is our file sharing app. A lot of these value added services we provide to users which is not core to the working of phone but they have similar kind of apps. Like you have YouTube, we have Mi Videos. You have Wynk, you have Gaana, you have many other music apps, you have Mi Music, right You have ShareIt, we have Mi Drop. And some of these services are really good. Like Mi Drop, coque caoutchouc huawei p8 lite 2017 I told you we crossed 100 million downloads in just one year of launch and with a rating of 4.8. 100 percent clutter free. Now if you look at all these similar services, similar other video apps, music apps, they would be showing ads to make money. Like how does YouTube sustain They have a lot of expenditure by showing ads before they play a video, right For all these value added services, we will need some sort of way to make money so that we can sustain it. Like we are showing 7 lakh hours of content on our Mi Video app, how coque huawei p10plus do we sustain that Mi Drop requires a lot of big server capacity and many other things, so it’s huge cost of running operations. Till now, we have not monetised Mi Drop or our Themes app. We pay developers to create themes for users but we give it to users for free. So, how do we continue to incur cost on our Themes app Now, there could be two ways here, either we charge a subscription fees, like how other music apps, video apps do it, and then we say it will be ad free, or we basically show ads in these value added services. Third are the core functionalities, like what we have is a core OS. Like Dialler app, our SMS app, right Or like dual apps that we have, right A lot of these are the cool features that we basically built. So, the one way we are we want to make money is through this within OS integrations. But these are coque p8 lite 2017 huawei chat not ads, these are like those kinds of services that I said, you can print a picture, right, or you can go and go to the nearest Vodafone store or Airtel store, you can top up coque samsung galaxy s5 s6 s7 s8 s9 s10 s10e edge plus travis scott culture your plan. And we try and make small small small amount of money through these Internet services. Second way right now for these value added services, are the only places where we put ads, even not through all of them, like Mi Drop doesn’t have ads. And we put ads in these value added services because we really want to make them free. But in future, I think one of the big pushbacks that we keep hearing is can we have a subscription model for these value added services so that we can keep it free. So, we’ll definitely consider it. For these core apps, we never ever touch them, except for one mistake that we had once, and which was blown out of proportion. Apart from that we have never ever touched and we will never ever touch our core coque huawei p2o apps. Things like Gallery, Camera, Phone, Contacts, SMS, coque iphone 5 6 7 8 plus x xs xr 11 pro max blackpink wy0095 like all these kind of features, right that are core to the working of a phone, which is what the coque huawei p2pro phone is meant for, right All those core apps, we will never ever touch for any ads or any kind of monetisation. Those places we will not show ads. The only places where we show ads are these value added services plus we monetise some of the features which are built within the OS. KD: What about notifications Especially from the browser are a big problem, right Because from what you are telling me it seems that there is no problem. That’s what you seem to be suggesting. MKJ: For value added services, we do ads, but we can, first of all, these ads can be switched off by respective user. Point number two, we will, if you think superhero logo wallpaper 86oh3 we should or if the users think we should think of a subscription model, because it’s a genuine cost of running operations for Mi video, just like YouTube.

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