So I really really enjoyed reading about this and There are a dozen entrees, the same number of mains and just two sides: chips ( and green salad ( Fans of Merrony from the days of his eponymous Sydney restaurant will be pleased to see his gelatinous cake of boneless (or almost, as confided on the menu) and crisped pig trotters ( on the entree line up, while if you want something of the nostalgic Sunday nursery tea ilk, there roast mushrooms with garlic and herbs ( fishcakes with tartare sauce and green salad ( or a comforting pud of pear and apple crumble ( this makes the food sound plain as pennies, then the test is in Merrony finesse. Trained under the Roux brothers in Britain and at La Tour d in Paris, his is a classical French approach. But with steak tartare and grill of the day on the menu, it also the no nonsense food of the routiers, those lorry driver pit stops speckled through provincial France.

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  1. [...] cheap canada goose The CQC includes deaths where the care home provider has stated Covid 19 as a suspected or confirmed cause of death on the death notification. The ONS Covid 19 deaths registered data, including care homes, includes deaths where Covid 19 has been mentioned on the death certificate. As a consequence, the data and subsequent death figures vary.. [...]

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