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How to Build a Content Calendar Plus a Free Template

Not like a mean one, though. More like coque paillette samsung galaxie j3 2016 a nice, non bitey one. For 10+ years, she’s worked coque iphone 4 coca with companies ranging from up and coming startups coque iphone xr to Fortune 500s, plus just about any industry you can name. She loves all things content and is always up for a good pun coque iphone 6 war or portmanteau challenge.

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Jamie Griffiths Jamie is the inbound marketing strategist at London based digital agency Manifesto. He writes on search and social media for the Manifesto blog.

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Creating acontent calendarfrom scratch is one of those tasks that seems so much more complicated than it actually is. Even just opening a blank Excel spreadsheet can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, sometimes all that’s needed to get on the right track is a quick how to and a great starter template, which is exactly what we have for you here.

In this post, we provide a guide to building a content calendar, plusa free template for the year.

The Definition of a Content CalendarBefore we jump into calendaring our content, let’s talk about what a content calendar actually is and a few baseline requirements for success.

We define acontent calendaras a shareable resource that teams can use to plan all content activity. This allows you to visualize how your content is distributed throughout the year. Yes, amazing new ideas and brilliant sparks of creativity help, but we can’t rely on them alone. They’re too inconsistent and unreliable. Instead, everyone needs to be on the same page with what content is being created, plus where and when it’s being published. It has to be done on a regular, ongoing basis. That is precisely where content calendars come into play.

The further ahead you plan, the better positioned you will be to produce a consistent flow of content. We’re providing you with a baseline template and a proven process that we use for ourselves and, coque iphone newarrival but coque iphone 4s portugal you should also play around with the approach and modify elements, as needed.

How to Build Your Content Calendar in 3 Easy StepsStep 1: Start with Existing Content Assets

There’s a lot of focus on creating new content when coque iphone 5 alcool we should really befocusing on creating more with less. coque iphone 4 claire’s It’s also usually not necessary to produce all your content from scratch since we often leave heaps of valuable content just lying around.

Instead, start by taking note of all of your existing content or resources to see what can be repurposed and remixed. It also coque samsung j5 2015 emoji helps you efficiently fill gaps in your content schedule. A single content asset can also often give rise to several pieces of content, which we refer to as content atomization. It’s the process of taking one big piece of contentand spinning coque samsung galaxy j5 2016 surf it out into. For example, an infographic can support a blog post that analyzes the integrity of the data on which it was based. You could also include a video which explains the wider ramifications of its findings coque message samsung j3 2016 so onand so forth.

Content atomizationwill become your best friend when it comes to content calendaring, so get to know a bit more about it, plus get amazing examples and inspiration here:.

Step 2: Identify and coque huawei p30 Create Your Content Shows

If you’re not familiar with Jay Baer’s concept of creating content shows, you can. If you’re already familiar or just want the highlights, content marketers need to start to think like television networks and create content shows. In short, these content shows become predictable, steady initiatives that our audiences can rely on and recognize. In fact, these shows are something that they actually look forward to.

Content marketers need to start to think like television networks and coque iphone 4s chocolate bar create content shows. Click To TweetThere are 3 types of shows you need to identify within your content:

Binge worthy shows: These shows are big, steady ongoing content initiatives that have the same theme and format. They should target at least two audiences, otherwise hey’re not worth the time or effort to produce. These are often podcasts, video series, webinar series, white papers, reports, etc. You should be able to execute this show at least twice per month. These also get plugged into your calendar first.

Binge worthy show example:I’m a massive fan of, a relatively new weekly YouTube show that pits two coque iphone 4 of today’s most well known video game voice actors against some of the most difficult and/or nostalgic video coque iphone 5 lumineuse games of the past. It premiers live every Thursday at 4:00 pm PT and includes a live chat with the hosts. Aside from being super fun to watch, this show is also a fantastic case study for what a true binge worthy show looks like and for how to build and engage with an audience. Seriously, check it out.

One time shows: These shows are special quarterly or yearly shows that attack a major customer pain point or topic. Although they’re less frequent in cadence than binge worthy shows, they’re still fairly large content pieces. Think white papers, coque fille nu samsung j5 2016 research papers, contests, user generated content campaigns, etc. These don’t have to have the same level of coque samsung galaxie j5 2016 silicone consistency, but they should still be in line with your branding, voice and tone.

One time show example:Whodoesn’tlove CMI’s annualreport! This yearly report is chock full of goodness. Even though the report varies slightly in design and layout each year, it’s consistent enough that coque iphone 4 voyage audiences know exactly what to expect.

Regularly scheduled programming: These shows are ongoing coque iphone 5 tunisie content initiatives that round out your calendar, and coque samsung j3 330 2017 they don’t have to necessarily connect completely or be 100 percent consistent in theme. Think of them as what a local nightly news show is to any major television network.

Regularly scheduled program example:Convince Convert’s own blog is our version of regularly scheduled programming. We have our weekly ON newsletter (binge worthy show) and our big masterclass courses (one time shows), and then we have our blog to help round out the calendar and provide ongoing information (regularly scheduled programming)…

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