Want to know who is the highest paid state employee

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cheap nfl jerseys The Chief Secretary of Ireland, Ian Macpherson, explained this action on the basis that it was the responsibility of those with a duty to uphold law and order to enter a place where a murder had been committed, although he didn explain why it was soldiers and not the police who did the searching. O asked whether the insistence of the soldiers to search the whole premises gave rise to the that this was meant to destroy the evidence of the crime? MP, Jeremiah MacVeagh, who represents the constituency of South Down, made a similarly pointed contribution when implicating police involvement in the murder. You had searched the police barracks you would have got the evidence he told Mr Macpherson. cheap nfl jerseys

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cheap jerseys This year, though, state funding for Penn State, Pitt, Temple and Lincoln universities has been withheld because of ongoing wrangling over a 2015 16 state budget.They also are not subject to the same disclosure rules as other state government agencies. For those reasons, their employees are not included in PennLive rankings of state government top earners.However, from the data that those universities are required to make public, it obvious that some of their coaches, medical school doctors, and presidents have compensation packages that are far and away higher than those of state government workers.Want to know who is the highest paid state employee working at a particular agency? Curious to see if a certain state employee made $100,000 or more? Look here to find out.The following is a sampling of the most recent salary or salary package data available for some of their employees:Penn State President Eric Barron base payfor this academic year is $824,000 while the school athletic director Sandy Barbour base pay is $720,996. The Nittany Lions football coach James Franklin compensation package of $4.2 million makes Barron and Barbour pay almost look paltry.Over at the University of Pittsburgh, itsChancellor Patrick Gallagher was hired in 2014 at a base salary of $525,000 with a $100,000 deferred retention incentive pay as part of his compensation package. cheap jerseys

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