Hamilton faces one count of injury to a child

The scenes in which Louis takes on the racist establishment have far more resonance than anything else in the movie, and they add the prickly edge that the whole film so badly needs. Everything else feels softened down for the masses. Although audiences looking for more depth will find it in the irony of how black people were once only allowed in the White House as servants.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Follow CNN(CNN)Josh Hamilton, a former American League Most Valuable Player for the Texas Rangers, is accused of throwing his eldest daughter on a bed and beating her, according to an arrest warrant filed by the Keller Police Department.Hamilton faces one count of injury to a child, a third degree felony in Texas. People convicted of a third degree felony in the state face a possible sentence of between two and 10 years in prison.His next court date has yet to be determined, police spokesman Capt. Chad Allen said.CNN attempted to reach Hamilton on Wednesday evening but was unsuccessful.Child protective services alerted police to the alleged late September incident, the arrest warrant says.The daughter told investigators that her father was upset at a comment she made to him and threw a full water bottle into her chest, the affidavit filed with the warrant says. wholesale nfl jerseys

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