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Gadgets 360 Staff’s Tech Shopping Cart for the New Year Apple products are at the top of wish lists The Nintendo Switch is also coque huawei p20 lite matte a popular choice Mixed reality headsets and other emerging tech products are here too There’s hardly ever coque huawei p20 lite serpent a time when we don’t want coque iphone pikachu to buy a gadget and new year 2019 is no exception to that rule. Each Gadgets 360 staff member was asked coque iphone 5s kenzo tiger to come up with a wish list for the new year and almost all of them came up coque iphone se solide with something they want. The wish list ranges from dishwashers coque iphone 6 rigolote to mixed reality headsets, so you do have a wide range of choices here. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what kind of gadgets do professional tech journalists desire, look no further. This is where we share our (at times woefully unrealistic) wish list for new year 2019. coque huawei Last year, I’d mentioned that one of the aims of buying a GeForce coque iphone 4s silicone pas cher GTX 1070 bearing laptop was to enjoy VR at home, but I was unable to invest in a mixed reality headset this year thanks to reparation coque huawei p20 stich coque iphone 6 the cost. Next year’s investment will be a MR headset from one of the big names in the business Acer, Asus, or Lenovo. Aditya Shenoy: Sena 30k With the traffic situation growing worse by the day, I find myself riding the bike a lot more than I had initially intended. If this continues, I am looking forward to invest in a Sena 30K Communicator. It’s a simple device that can be attached to the helmet and paired to my smartphone. Using this, I can stream music while I’m riding and even communicate with my riding buddies on long rides over the weekend. But if the traffic situation improves, I am going ahead with an Android Auto headunit for my car. Buy: Sena 30K Akhil Arora: Nothing Consumerism is overwhelming. Well, at least if you try to be sensible about it, which idée coque iphone feels like it’s dangerously close to oxymoron territory. Anyhoo, the point that I’m trying to make is that I didn’t find a single thing coque iphone joueur de foot I needed in a single sale this year. I’d scourge through them for hours only to realise I’ve pretty much ticked coque iphone 7 plus noir mat every tech sub category out there. And sure, that meant I ended up splurging on slightly unnecessary wants such as the Xbox One coque iphone 5s rigolote X coque iphone 6 resistante and Philip Hue lights. I already had the two other consoles from Sony and Nintendo, and a smart light integration thingy so it’s not like I needed either. I’ve coque iphone 6 plus claires reached a point coque huawei p20 lite avec ecriture where I feel like I’ve hit tech fulfillment. For a little while anyway. Hence, my wishlist for 2019 Nothing. Apologies for wasting your time. Akshay Jadhav: PS4 In new year 2019 I am planning to buy a PlayStation 4. I have always been fascinated with video games, having spent hours and hours playing Mario, GTA, Counter Strike, FIFA, among other games over coque iphone 6 s plus silicone the years. I’ve always wanted to own a gaming console and 2019 may coque iphone 7 mat just claire’s coque iphone 4 be the year it happens. To prepare for this I’ve watched the walkthroughs of The Last of Us, the new God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and many other PS4 games. coque iphone Now it’s time to experience the gameplay myself, as soon as I’ve coque iphone cuir luxe saved enough to buy the console and a couple of games. coque iphone Buy: PlayStation 4 Aman Rashid: coque iphone 4 claire’s A new iPhone By the time the iPhone XS Max launched in the Indian market, my Galaxy Note 9 was already two months old. And as much as I love my Note 9, I can’t deny the fact that the XS Max is a phone that I would have surely bought only if I coque huawei p20 lite dauphin wouldn’t have purchased the Galaxy Note. That iPhone XS Max looks so classy in that new Gold color. So, no problem, come new year 2019 and I have already decided what my smartphone is going to be! Yes, I am looking forward to purchasing the next big thing from Apple, the iPhone 11 Max or XI Max or whatever Apple decides to call it. Buy: iPhone XS Max Gagan Gupta: Home automation products It’s not often that I don’t have anything on my gadget wish list, but seems like this is one of those rare occasions. What I am however considering is home automation when I’m doing up my house this year. Since it’s a major restructuring, it’s just the right time to get all the networking and internal cabling planned to upgrade my home to a smart home. coque huawei Of course, how ambitious this gets completely depends on the budget, but my prime focus are home security, lighting, and entertainment. Either that or my kid continues to be my voice coque iphone xr darty activated assistant. Harpreet Singh: HomePod In new year 2019, I’m planning on buying the Apple HomePod. In fact, two of them, if credit limit permits. It’s annoying that Apple is yet to launch them officially in India and I hope this changes by next year. I’d be lucky if we get next generation HomePod speakers straightaway. I do have a bunch of Alexa powered Echo speakers around the house but I’m willing to make the switch considering the HomePod speakers sound way better and I’m already deep into Apple’s ecosystem. Jagmeet Singh: Nintendo Switch Technology takes new shapes at a lightning fast speed. It is, therefore, difficult to presume what would be my next pick over the next 12 months. But if I look at the technology world at the coque huawei p20 mulbess present time, I’d like to pick the Nintendo Switch as my next major purchase. coque iphone It has a portable design yet powerful hardware that attracts the gamer within me. The Joy Con controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch also remind me of my early days when I used to spend hours during my holidays playing new titles. One thing that has so far stopped me from making a purchase is the high prices of the Switch games.

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