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Why Most Families Should Not Breed Dogs During my feverish four years as a veterinary student, unexpected nontraditional lessons occasionally came my way and left an everlasting effect on me and how I practice my profession. One especially shocking lesson that still sticks out in my mind hit me during my final year. coque iphone It was during internal medicine rotation when a prominent veterinary reproduction specialist spoke his words of wisdom. Out of the blue he said, ”Instead of breeding their pets, people who want their children to witness the miracle of life should have another child, then they can invite their children and the neighborhood kids to witness the birth.” Sounds like a joke but he was dead serious, and rightly so. He’d just received a call from an owner whose pregnant dog had consumed one of its newly born pups. The family kids and their friends had eagerly taken their front row seats around the dog’s make shift birthing box several hours earlier. The promised event never came to pass though, as the female Fido’s stage fright helped to abnormally lengthen her labor. coque samsung Finding bracelet homme en titane incrustation carbone aimant de 2000g magnetique the suspense too long to bear, the kids were sent bracelet homme ancre swarovski home and to bed just in time to miss the birth and post birthing mishap. The Miracle of Life May Teach an Unexpectedly Dark Lesson Every year pet owners breed their dogs, cats, rats, bracelet homme argent rock mice whatever animal is at handin the name fossil bracelet homme acier of educating their children about the miracle of life. What they don’t realize is that not only can bracelet homme grimpeur they be contributing to pet overpopulation, but the lessons their kids might be learning could be much darker than anything they imagined. For instance, they might learn that not all animal moms make good mothers. For some females the maternal instincts don’t kick in the first year. These young bracelet homme stade toulousain moms don’t recognize the offspring as being related to them bracelet homme cuir ethnique any more than you’d recognize a coconut as your cousin. Some are even afraid of the little youngsters and flee as if running from a fire. Others are openly aggressive to the surprise intruders treating them as if they are there to steal their babies instead of be their babies. This twist in maternal instincts may last just the first year or may be that particular mom’s modus operandi. In any case, it means that humans will have to provide intensive nursing care, which, let me tell you, is only fun for about the first half hour. Lesson two might be about infanticide. coque iphone Sometimes animal moms made nervous by a hoard of watchful human eyes respond by killing their infant. In other cases this murderous trait may be a special characteristic of the species. Lions have long been known to kill their own kind. coque iphone When a gang of males overthrows the reigning royalty, they eventually knock off all existing cubs. This brings the lionesses back into breeding season so that the murderous males can mate, producing offspring of their own. In domestic cats ustar brillant croix cristal boucles doreilles pour femmes fille bijoux or couleur declaration mode a similar sight has been recorded by researchers, at least once or twice. In one case an unfamiliar tomcat made a visit to a nest shared by four female cats. Like a hired gun, he silently shook six kittens by the back of the neck and would have killed more if the mothers hadn’t ustar cristaux longues boucles doreilles pour femmes couleur argent chaine ronde resine boucles driven him away. Lesson three might be bracelet homme snake that while the breeding may be free, the veterinary care is not. This is no problem if all goes unusually well. In the perfect scenario, veterinary pre pregnancy exams, radiographs or ultrasounds, and then examination and vaccination for youngsters ustar rond armure boucles doreilles pour femmes femme or perle strass balancent boucles doreilles before they go to their homes would be the only veterinary fees to pay. But if your pug or Persian needs a C section or a litter of pups gets parvovirus, animals may die and you la halle bracelet homme may be out the cost equivalent of several wide screen TVs. Even without one of the common catastrophes, minor problems, such as skin rashes or upper respiratory disease can cause bills to quickly add up too as can prescreening tests for common hereditary diseases that you would not want to pass on to an unsuspecting adopter. Birth is a Miracle but What’s the Value on Life Perhaps the most troubling lesson the kids might learn is about what happens to the youngsters that are produced. coque samsung With 3 4 million ustar jaune ananas boucle doreille pour femmes cubique zircon cristaux boucles doreilles femme dogs and cats euthanized in animal shelters a year (ASPCA) finding a home for randomly bred pets can be a serious task. Should you give them away like hand me down clothes to anyone who can pay a few bucks, or can you take the time to screen potential owners as if they’re adopting a precious life Have you done your homework and checked both parents beforehand for common hereditary diseases so you are providing healthy pets If the pups or kittens crop up with congenital or hereditary diseases bracelet homme dore the new owners may be heartbroken or they may expect you to take responsibility by refunding their money and replacing their new pet. And what if you longues boucles doreilles rouges coeur 2019 a la main plage pendantes boucles doreilles perlees can’t find homes or the new owner animal pair is a poor match Will the puppy or kitten go to the pound where it is likely to meet a sorry fate With all of the things that could go wrong, if you’re unprepared or you choose the easy and inexpensive solution, by breeding your pet you may be teaching your kids the wrong bracelet homme costume lesson. You may be teaching them that birth is a miracle but life after birth is cheap. My recommendations is that if you want your kids to witness the miracle of birth, either adopt a pregnant cat or dog into your home from the shelter and then view the entire event by web cam or go to Netflix and download a video. To see the type of socialization, care, and training that goes into raising a puppy or kitten before and after it’s adopted out, read Perfect Puppy in 7 Days. Sara June 15, 2011 at 10:08 pm If you want to breed, connect with a responsible breeder and first assist with one of their dogs. Nicely tempermented, healthy dogs are important to breed. goed hoesje One tragedy these days is that the compassion and ease of adopting a shelter dog is often not an easy thing. With a responsibly bred dog, you know the medical history of generations, you know the behavioral state of the dog because most responsible breeders will match you to bracelet homme pig & hen the appropriate dog for your lifestyle, and the responsible breeder will be available for the dog’s lifetime, with a lifetime commitment to you and to the dog. It breaks my heart when I read this because ”backyard breeders” and puppy mills are still in full force. And whatever reasons they give to bread, ie; to continue the good bloodline, etc. coque huawei they still can’t grasp the fact that over 4 million dogs and cats are put in rescue shelters every year. 10s of 1,000s of them are eventually eutthanized because of being un adoptable or because the shelters are running out of room. Highway workers are cleaning the dead bodies continuously from the roads. coque samsung No matter what the proven consequences, they (the breeders and puppy mills) continue to INSIST they are doing nothing wrong. They treat animals as if they were property and not like living and breathing animals that have feelings and pain. I know someone who is a breeder, and because the dogs are AKC registered, she feels that it’s okay to breed and sell the puppies to anyone that has the money. She DOES get the puppies medically ready for their new home by taking them in to get their first shots and she DOES socialize them by keeping them with their litter mates the full 8 weeks, however, she does NOT do any research of the potential owners. Nor does she follow up on any of the adopters once the puppies have been sold. Any or all of these puppies could be in shelters as far as she knows, or dead from something. coque huawei They could be in an abuse situation. She has no idea, nor does she act like she cares. I’ve discussed this matter with her many times, but she believes that reading a book about the breed, gives her all lthe information she needs to be a responsible breeder. Not true. Being a responsible breeder means not only having the knowledge about the breed, but knowing where the offspring is going, and who they’re going with. Following up with the adopters isn’t a hard thing to do. I’m sure, if you love your bracelet homme alexandrite dogs, that you would hate to learn that one of the people you gave/sold a puppy to couldn’t deal and took it to a shelter, or gave it to someone else that you have even less information about. goed hoesje Obviously this article really touched me and I wish ALL breeders would read it and take it to heart. I massimo dutti bracelet homme maroc am not against breeders etc that are well and loving for those they breed but still find it very sad that a they’re not thinking to clearly as this article states. Most free kittens, puppies and I see them makes me angry that these really aren’t free unless they don’t take care of them and leave them to defend for themselves. The doga, cats are usually sick or hurt and those that have them don’t get them treated at all, they shouldn’t even have pets of any kind. But this article is any eye opner. There aren’t enough good loving forever home as it is and where there are people having to give up their beloved pets because they can no longer afford to keep them as times are tough. Thanks for this Just to add to Sara’s comment: Many animal shelters use the ”Safer” system tests for food, resource guarding, general comfort with handling as well as dog to dog behavior. In addition there bracelet homme croix cuir is a system called ”Meet your Match” that was developed by the ASPCA. It includes extensive behavioral testing in order to match a dog to an appropriate family. Most shelters also offer support in way of training and advice to their adopters throughout the life of the dog. Spay or neuter, all vaccines + micro chipping is also part of the adoption fee at a lot of shelters. if you feel you must have a purebred dog and you cannot find one at a local shelter, do please go to a reputable breeder like Sara described. Daniel June 23, 2011 at 1:02 am Sara, I strongly disagree with your statement ”the compassion and ease of adopting a shelter dog is often not an easy thing.” (That statement doesn’t make much sense gramatically, but I think I understand what you’re trying to say, and I simply disagree with it.) First, there is no greater compassion bracelet homme maille or than adopting a homeless animal! I can’t for the life of me understand why you’d take this forum as an opportunity to discourage people from doing so! What you’re saying is used far too often as horribly misinformed justification for NOT adopting! You can get wonderful pets from shelters just do your homework. There are numerous responsible and reputable shelters across the country which will take the time to match you to an appropriate pet, and will do boucles doreilles en flocon de neige ustar pour femmes avec zircon cubique aaa couleur or blanc extensive background checks. coque samsung Quincy Animal Shelter, where we adopted our mutt, has a far set bracelet homme more extensive background check process than most breeders! Additionally, I can state both from statistics and from my own personal experience that mutts are simply healthier bracelet homme metaleux and more intelligent dogs than ”breeds”, and although responsible breeders take great effort to breed dogs to minimize genetic defects, the inherent genetic diversity of mutts does a far better job than even the breeders’ best efforts to minimize these defects in many breeds! Certainly, responsible breeders can provide a ”lifetime support network”, but you don’t need a breeder to get that, for any animal THAT IS WHAT YOUR VET IS FOR! Don’t get me wrong, I am not attacking responsible breeders here, I am merely taking issue with your use of this forum to essentially ”warn people” about the mythical ”dangers” of adopting from a shelter.

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